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Board of Education Actions & Accomplishments – August 16, 2022

by Erin Grady, BOE President

The PCSD Board of Education met on August 16, 2022, 2022,  at our regular monthly business meeting. The meeting started at 4:00 P.M. at the District Office with the Pledge of Allegiance and all members present in person.

Mary Wood Morgan, representing PCEA Leadership, shared a welcome back and the commitment of PCEA along with the district and community to support staff through any hurdles related to the potential closure of the Park City Child Care Center based on staffing shortages. As PCEA leadership, Mary shared the collective commitment to working together throughout the construction period, sharing ideas, and ensuring success of the realignment.  PCEA will look forward to partnering on compensation negotiations later this school year.

Jennifer Bramson, outgoing President of the PCEA, echoed Mary’s statements, shared appreciation to the Board and community for addressing the RHTA as an intermediate step in supporting the 60% of staff who commute from outside our area.  Both groups highlighted the dedication and commitment of educators and staff.  We, as a Board of Education, are working diligently to address wages as well as recruitment strategies and will continue to champion and advocate for every employee.

Mike Tanner provided an overview of Summer Operations projects with about $4M in capital projects completed this summer alongside the start of school additions and construction.  Mr. Tanner reiterated the importance of patience as we navigate new traffic flows around the schools due to construction.  He provided a staffing update, and overall the fill rate for positions across the district.

Dr. Gildea shared an overview of goals for 22/23 in the areas of leadership, teaching and learning, operations and resources.  All goals and strategies are aligned to moving our classrooms, schools, and system toward the PCSD community’s aspirational vision and mission.  As a community, we will work together to tackle lack of affordable or viable childcare options as this is a necessity for working parents.  There is both a labor wage as well as staffing shortage in this area. 

Our MOCA Owners Representative Project Manager, JD Simmons, provided a status overview of each of the construction projects with McPolin and Park City High School moving forward on time and as anticipated.  Jeremy Ranch will pick up following the planning commission meeting on August 23, 2022, pending issuance of a conditional use permit.  Ecker Hill Middle School construction will start with an update to the bus turnaround and will proceed through the county process as outlined with rezoning and permitting. The Board of Education appreciates collaboration and ongoing communication with Summit County on these projects.

Mr. Hauber facilitated the Truth in Taxation Hearing scheduled at 6 PM on August 16, 2022. Three patrons had questions on their specific tax rate, and were welcomed at the Hearing for their participation.

Students return to school on August 17, 2022. 

We are looking forward to the growth and development of our students throughout the 22/23 school year!