Districtwide Lockout Drill Planned for Feb. 1

The next districtwide lockout drill is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 1, at approximately 8:50 a.m. 

The district recently retained the services of the Tresit Group based in Logan, Utah. Tresit recommends effective and innovative security solutions for schools. Cole Smith from the Tresit Group will be at Park City School District Feb. 1 and critically analyze the safety protocols followed, particularly during the passing period between Treasure Mountain Junior High and Park City High School.

Smith is also helping the district develop the protocol for the modular safety and will be training administrators and staff on the protocol. He is  also reviewing the district’s visitor management and emergency response system, the front office vestibule designs, and proposed fencing at elementary schools.

“He has been extremely impressed with the trauma informed, resilience-focused practices the district has in place to prevent tragic situations on the front end,” said Superintendent Ember Conley.

Parents are asked to review the following reminders prior to Thursday’s lockout drill:

– Do NOT call schools or the district office. External phone calls will not be answered. Staff are assisting students.

– Parents, do NOT go to the schools. Please stay away from the area to allow law enforcement to handle the situation.

– Watch for a text from PCSD Chat alerting you when law enforcement has lifted the lockout.

– If you are in one of the schools during the lockout, our Standard Response Protocol is posted in every room, both in English and in Spanish, and a smaller version of the SRP is available at the front office, both in English and in Spanish.

– The Emergency Update section of the Newsroom will be updated throughout the drill as information becomes available.

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