Board Meeting Summary

Nov. 21, 2017 | Regular Session

New Board Member Appointed

The board appointed Erin Grady as the new board member for District 5, replacing Julie Einhausen who will step down Feb. 5, 2018.  Grady has lived in Park City for 34 years and currently serves as co-president of the PTA at Parley’s Park Elementary. She is a board member of PC READS and the Figure Skating Club of Park City. For 12 years she served as communications manager for Deer Valley Resort.  

Closing Schools to Open Enrollment

The board voted to close all PCSD schools to open enrollment for the 2018-19 school year. Out-of-district students currently attending PCSD and moving to a different school in 2018-19 will need to submit an open enrollment permit. No new out-of-district students will be accepted in the district next school year.

Superintendent’s Report

-Superintendent Ember Conley reported on her visit to the Western States Resort Superintendent Conference in Telluride, Colo. Participants discussed mental health, affordable housing for staff, bonding, student incentive programs, and staff recruiting.

-The Superintendent said the district is currently evaluating three certified educator evaluation systems, and is beginning Open Office Hours every other month starting Nov. 29 from 2:30-4 p.m. in the Board Rooms.

-Dr. Conley reported that the administration has reviewed protocols and policies related to the district’s emergency plan and is making improvements to the existing plan.

PCEA Report

Ben Kahn, representing the Park City Education Association, said the association’s membership has grown to 276 members, an increase of 36 this year. He said PCEA has an active interest in supporting provisional teachers, retaining excellent employee, and adopting an objective and equitable certificate evaluation system.  Kahn said PCEA is anxious to clear up lingering issues of off-contract pay and to have a voice at the negotiating table.

Communications Report

-Melinda Colton, Director of Communications, noted the newsroom blog has moved to the district website. After Thanksgiving it will be publicized to parents and the community.

-PCSD Chat was launched Oct. 25 and texts were sent to 5,345 parents. Each was asked to rate the district communications on a scale of 0-10.  With a response rate of 67.4 percent, the overall rating was 8. In addition, the district received 1,799 communication compliments and/or suggestions for improvement.

-Colton is working with AtlasRTX to develop a texting system that can text communications to parents faster.

-Eric Esquivel, Latino Outreach specialist, provided the Board with a written report of the the Latino communications efforts, by school.

Budget Discussion

Business Administrator Todd Hauber reviewed the fiscal year 2019 budget considerations with the board, including the anticipated tax increase identified in last year’s budget cycle.

Safety and Health Updates

Dr. Conley said emergency procedures will be updated to include a clear protocol for students staff housed in portable classrooms. She commended law enforcement for its quick action and arriving at Kearns Campus schools within five minutes of a recently reported incident. This incident showed the need for clear communication to students who are moving between buildings on the Kearns Campus. Staff need additional training, and technology needs to be updated in parts of the high school. She said students need to be trained to text appropriate information to their parents.  Our emergency posters need to be posted in every classroom in PCSD schools, both in English and Spanish, and a smaller postcard version will be printed to give to visitors in the building. Board President Andrew Caplan suggested the board discuss hiring a consultant to look over PCSD’s safety protocols and assist staff with additional training and drills. The superintendent said she has already reached out to three consultants to see what services they can offer the district.

Review Safety Policies

The board asked that district safety policies be updated to include specific penalties and repercussions for staff who fail to follow proper protocols. Board member Julie Eihausen asked the board to be careful about any punitive action and to make sure there is balance. Caplan said if the board is going to ask this of employees, it needs provide proper training.  Board member Petra Butler said we need to hire staff who make good sound judgments and said the district does not want to be in a situation where an administrator doesn’t know what to do.  Board Vice President JJ Ehlers requested substitute teachers also be trained on emergency protocol and safety procedures.

Master Planning Consultant

The board approved the hiring of Collaborative Learning Network to guide the district on the process for master planning. A committee comprised of a board member, community member, and business administrator reviewed RFPs and submitted a recommendation.

Policies for Posting

The board approved posting the following policies for review:

-Policy 3005: School Community Councils

-Policy 7015: Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace

-Policy 7171: Licensed Public Employees Personal Reporting of an Arrest

Public Comment

-Ann Futch asked the board why the district has not clarified its decision planning process and improved communication with staff. She was a member of the 2015 Teachers Survey subcommittee that made recommendations for improvement to the district.

-David Hickman reported his daughter’s class at McPolin Elementary was sent back outside to their portable classroom during the lockout. He wants the district to acknowledge its mistakes with the recent incident and encouraged more training and drills.

Board Approves Updates to Strategic Plan 

Based on feedback from the community, parents, and employees, the board approved the following updates to the district’s Strategic Plan—2018-2022:

Mission: The mission of Park City School District is to inspire and support all students equitably to achieve their academic and social potential.

Vision: Park City School District is student-centered​ ​with a focus and emphasis on the whole child.  Our students are safe, supported, engaged, challenged, and healthy.


-Academic​ ​Success: We are committed to engaging all students to reach their full potential no matter where they are in their academic journeys.

-Leadership: We are committed to continuous development, accountability, and transparency.

-Excellent​ ​Personnel: We are committed to hiring the best and the brightest staff in a transparent and fair manner.

-Communication: We are committed to communicating with all stakeholders in an open, timely, and consistent manner.

-Community​ ​Alliances: We are committed to a culture of collaboration with our community partners.

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