Board Meeting Summary | Feb. 26, 2019

Oath of Office

New board member Wendy Crossland, who was appointed by the board to fill the vacancy in District 3, was given the Oath of Office by Business Administrator Todd Hauber.

Superintendent Report

Superintendent Jill Gildea provided the board with her progress report on her and the board’s goals for 2018-19. The full report can be viewed here. “I truly am honored and so very pleased to have the opportunity to learn alongside and lead this incredible school system as we realize our vision as a whole child driven learning organization that ensures our students are safe, supported, engaged, challenged, and healthy,” wrote Superintendent Gildea in her report.

Budget Discussion

Business Administrator Todd Hauber reviewed the district’s FY2020 budget request priorities. The proposed 2019-20 Operating Budget represents a 6.25 percent or increase over the current year’s budget. The increase is primarily due to contractual obligations (salary and benefits of $3.3 million) and stronger supports for students with special needs (of $0.8 million). The Capital Budget represents $5 million in new projects, guided by a multi-year facilities master plan which prioritizes safety, security, and accessibility, and considers workload capacity and resources. An additional $1.5 million represents set aside funding for initial projects and design work of the master plan proposals. The remaining $800,000 covers information technology investments. Budget priorities can be viewed here.

Education Master Plan Update

GSBS consultant Christine Richman provided the board with an update on the education master planning process. Two community Open Houses are planned this week — one tonight (Wednesday, Feb. 27) at 5 p.m. at Park City High, and tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 28) at 6 p.m. at Ecker Hill Middle. The community will have the opportunity to weigh in on how issues like grade alignment, class size and school location best support learning and academic excellence. Starting next week, the consulting team will be having a listening tour at each school to better understand the needs at each building. A full update can be viewed here.

Assessment Task Force Update

Traci Evans, interim Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, provided information on the work of the district’s assessment task forces. Two task forces have been created: 1) one made up of a teacher and principal from each school; and 2) one comprised of a parent from each school who serves on the parent organization or School Community Council. Both task forces then share their progress with their schools and parents. Evans said there are currently 16 different grading scales throughout the district. The district wants to establish a reporting system that truly tells us what a student is learning in a way that best informs learning and teaching to benefit our students. Schools in the district are moving to standards-based learning which helps teachers more clearly understand what students actually know and how to focus and target their instruction. The district is n the process of educating parents about the benefits of standards-based learning. There are numerous resources and research on district website here.

School updates include:

– Ecker Hill Middle has fully implemented standards-based learning.

– Treasure Mountain has about 60% of teachers who have transitioned to standards-based learning. TMJH plans to be fully implemented by August 2020.

– Park City High has developed proficiency scales that are currently being used in two departments. GPAs will still be calculated and included as part of a comprehensive learner portfolio.

– Elementary schools are building understanding behind why instruction must be refined to reflect standards mastery. Some grade levels are beginning to assess mastery of standards separately from behavior and work habits.

– The district plans to have standards-based learning implemented districtwide by the 2022-23 school year.

Public Comment

Sharon and Bryant Bookhamer said they have a lot of questions about standards-based learning and hope more information continues to be available to parents. They stressed the importance of consistency in testing and grading.

Policies for Posting

– Policy 2000: Student Representative on the Board of Education

– Policy 4000: Contingency Reserves

– Policy 4005: Purchasing

– Policy 4006: Cash Management

– Policy 4010: Travel and Conference Reimbursement

– Policy 4015: Disposal of Assets

– Policy 4020: District Records

– Policy 5000: Snow Day

– Policy 5025: Student Transportation

– Policy 6000: Modification of District Property

– Policy 7075: Twelve-Month Employee Holidays

– Policy 7095: Conditions of Employment

Policies Adopted

– Policy 2005: Board of Education Power and Duties

– Policy 2015: Advisory Committees

– Policy 2025: Electronic Board Meetings

– Policy 2030: Board Policy Development

– Policy 2045: Board Member Compensation

–Policy 7061: Shared Leave