Board Meeting Summary

Dec. 19, 2017 | Regular Session

Master Planning Process Report

Nick Salmon, founder and president of Collaborative Learning Network, presented the board with his report and a timeline concerning the district’s master planning process. Board member Anne Peters asked what is the next step in the master planning process. Salmon said the board needs to determine how quickly it wants the process to move. Board member Petra Butler said she doesn’t want the decision to bond to drive the master planning process. She encouraged the board to take its time because it is planning what the district will look like for the next 10-15 years. Salmon concurred, stating he has a bias to fully use what facilities the district already has before building new structures. Board Vice President JJ Ehlers reminded the board it is waiting on the demographic study to be completed so it knows where student populations are in relation to schools. Salmon said the board could use this winter and spring to pull together the remaining pieces of information such as enrollment forecasting and geo-mapping. Time also needs to be spent in every building observing how space is being used. Board member Julie Eihausen agrees the board should take its time with master planning, but she reminded the board that in the meantime it will be spending a great deal of money to maintain Treasure Mountain Junior High.

Superintendent Search

Terry Shoemaker, Associate Director of the Utah School Board Association and Executive Director of the Utah School Superintendents Association, provided the Board with information regarding its search for a new superintendent. He reminded the Board that this decision is critical to students, to parents, to local community leaders, and to state policy makers. Shoemaker said USBA is available to assist the board in finding qualified candidates.

Superintendent’s Report

–Superintendent Ember Conley reported a district committee has been created to study chronic absenteeism. The committee will research why there are so many absences and determine possible solutions to pilot at schools.

–She said the district’s recent lockout drill was successful and districtwide drills will continue throughout the school year. The text messaging system was a great improvement and she says the district will improve with each drill. A request for proposal has been submitted for a safety consultant and the safety committee will review proposals Jan. 2. The superintendent is anxious to get a consultant on board to review all the district’s safety projects.

–Dr. Conley’s next Open Office Hours is set for Jan. 22, 2018, from 2:30-4 p.m. in the Board Rooms.

PCEA Report

Ben Kahn, representing the Park City Education Association, said PCEA is looking forward to meeting with Erin Grady, the newly appointed board member. The association also expressed interest in helping with the transition of hiring a new superintendent. PCEA is encouraged the district is reviewing its policies and plans to have its attorney review the policy updates. Kahn also reported they are gathering constructive feedback on professional development so it can better meet the needs of staff.

Grants Awarded

Board President Andrew Caplan said the Park City Education Foundation recently awarded $75,000 in teacher grants. Caplan, who is a member of the foundation’s board, said teacher grants directly impact classrooms. He also thanked Park City Rotary Club for its recently $50,000 donation to the Bright Futures program, a comprehensive multi-year program that teaches first-generation students about “college knowledge” and equips them to complete college. The program is supported by PCEF and many individual donors as well as community groups like Rotary.

Communications Report

–Melinda Colton, Director of Communications, noted that PCSD Chat has been upgraded and can now be used for emergency messages. Parents and staff can receive texts messages in less than 15 minutes. She expressed appreciation to Park City based AtlasRTX for partnering with the district to provide more immediate communications through its texting system.

–The district’s Newsroom now has an “Emergency Updates” section where information is posted during drills or actual emergencies.

–Trail Chat was launched last month at Trailside Elementary as a pilot program to determine if all PCSD schools can benefit from the texting system. As part of the launch, parents were asked to rate the school on its performance from a 0-10. The school received a 8.7 score.

–Eric Esquivel, Latino Outreach specialist, provided the Board with a written report of the the Latino communications efforts being done at each school.

Capital Projects Update

Business Administrator Todd Hauber provided the board with an update on the FY18 capital projects. The district has a balance of $695,000, but the majority of that is earmarked for projects that have not been completed yet. 

Greenhouse Request

The board approved a request for a greenhouse installation at Parley’s Park Elementary.

Public Comment

–Paul Pilzer thanked the board for service and stressed the need for continuity on the board. With four children in the district, he said he is very vested in the board doing its job well. He also asked the board to consider asking Superintendent Conley to stay. He has been amazed with her leadership and asked the board to exhaust every possible resource to keep Dr. Conley.

–Manny the Miner and Park City High School student council member Betsi Thompson presented Superintendent Conley with gifts from PCHS. They thanked her for her service, for celebrating their accomplishments, and for keeping them safe.

–Betsy Bacon, a longtime Park City resident, congratulated the board on its new beginnings. She asked the board to consider waiting to bond again until a new superintendent is hired. She supports the demographic study the district is doing and urged the board to find out what students are going to private schools, charter schools, and are home schooled. She said the board needs to understand its total population, where students have gone, and when they are transition back to PCSD. When hiring a new superintendent, she encouraged the board to develop very specific criteria and select a candidate that will carry out the board’s vision.

-Steve Swanson expressed appreciation to the board and administration for its efforts in gathering reliable data and hiring Collaborative Learning Network to help determine the master planning process. He said it will go a long way in getting the process going in the right direction and in the right order.

Policies for Posting

–Policy 4005: Purchasing Policy

–Policy 7045: Benefit Status During Unpaid Leave

–Policy 7020: Drug Testing of Drivers of District Vehicles

–Policy 7100: Professional Staff Transfers

–Policy 9025: Wellness Policy

NOTE: The policies will be posted here

Policies Approved

The board approved revisions to the following policies:

Policy 3005: School Community Councils

Policy 7015: Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace

Policy 7171: Licensed Public Employees Personal Reporting of an Arrest

–Policy 9091: Data Governance

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