Board Meeting Summary

May 1, 2018| Special Regular Session

New Appointments

The board appointed the following administrators:

–Jaclyn Knapp, Director of Special Education

–Jamie Weekes, Assistant Principal at Ecker Hill Middle School (one-year appointment)

(View Press Release here)

FY19 Budget

The board reviewed budget items related to expenditures for FY19, totalling $4.1 million.

–Ben Belnap, Associate Superintendent for Student Wellness, recommended hiring four behavioral aides to assist the district behavioral specialists. The aides would be trained by the specialists and dispatched to schools to provide immediate help in classrooms. The board requested a more detailed plan from Dr. Belnap prior to its next meeting.

–Dr. Belnap suggested the board consider a transition program for students, ages 18-22, with moderate disabilities. The district currently provides a post high school program for adults with severe disabilities. He suggested the same model be used for the moderate program. Board member Petra Butler encouraged the board not to bring on any new special education programs until it has addressed the problems that currently need attention. Board member Anne Peters suggested this budget request wait until the new Special Education Director is on board. The board requested more details.

–Interim Superintendent David Gomez briefed the board on responsibilities, implementation, and evaluation for four interventionists at the elementary schools. He also recommended adding one assistant principal at each secondary school.

–Business Administrator Todd Hauber reported that the district requires an average of 30 substitute a day. The district fills 86 percent of those each day. He is developing a proposal that will pay subs a daily rate, regardless of late start or early out, increasing the pay for subs, and offering an incentive schedule for those who sub more often.

–The district has received a preliminary draft of the job study reclassification report which includes recommendations to adjust the current salary schedule.

–Mr. Hauber is developing a special assignment contract rate for various types of teacher assignments. He will present that information to the board in the coming weeks.

Safety Implementation

Interim Superintendent Gomez recommended the board hire a district safety coordinator immediately so that person can be included in the new safety measures currently underway throughout the district. The district has selected a contractor to install fencing, and a vendor has been selected for the Visitor Management System.

Request for Exception to International Travel Policy

The board approved an exception to Policy 9045—District Sponsored Athletic and Academic 6-12 Student Travel—to allow eighth-grade musicians to participate in the Park City High Marching Band’s trip to Normandy, France, in June 2019.

Policies Adopted

The board approved an exception to Policy 2000: Student Representative on the Board of Education, allowing a senior to be the student representative on the board, instead of a junior. Board member JJ Ehlers will seek input from students this summer about how best to have their voices heard by the board.

Mental Health Awareness Month Resolution

The board approved a resolution to recognize May 2018 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Park City School District. The board encourages students, families, faculty and staff to take the opportunity to learn more about mental wellness in the variety of events scheduled this month by CONNECT Summit County.

2 thoughts on “Board Meeting Summary”

  1. Does the district still have substitute teacher training sessions?

    We have needed a transition program for students with moderate disabilities for dozens of years. This program would benefit those students preparing for the job market and/or give them support while attending vocational programs. These students are not successful in college-degree programs, because they cannot complete the core requirements, do not have home or community support, and may not have appropriate interpersonal and self-advocacy skills. This program could establish community mentorships/internships that produce long-lasting effects – trained adults are more employable; they earn higher wages and pay more taxes; they find jobs they enjoy and they stay employed; they meet and befriend other trained/college-educated adults. I see nothing but positives for students and for Park City.

  2. Yes. We offer substitute training every August for new subs and provide a “Substitute Handbook” for all new subs.

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