Board of Education – February Meeting 2023

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Board of Education Actions & Accomplishments – February 14, 2023

by Andrew Caplan, President – Park City Board of Education 

The regular business meeting of the Park City School District Board of Education met on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 3:00 P.M. All members attended, and Anne Peters was available via Zoom as was pre-scheduled. The meeting was called to order at 3:00 P.M. and followed with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Board approved its Consent Agenda which included regular session meeting minutes from January 17, 2023, Accounts Payable registers, Travel Requests, the PCMR Parking Lot Lease Agreement for PCHS lot on weekends, Personnel information, and the monthly revenue and expenditures from January. 

PCEA Co-President Dr. Jake Jobe reiterated that March 17, 2023 will be an in person learning day and that June 5, 2023 will serve as a professional learning day to meet the minimum state required school calendar.  June 5 will have some flexible options for educators as the year concludes.

Cindy Hair presented information from the Employee Interest Group related to upcoming  job study and collective negotiations to support wage increases in these vital support roles. Todd Klarich expressed gratitude for creative solutions to the labor shortages – 13 openings for the after school care program.  Many options were discussed for a potential hourly rate pilot through the end of the year at an anticipated cost of $100K.  Member Peters suggested exercising caution to make sure it is equitable and approached holistically across all work groups.  The Business Administrator and Human Resources will provide the BOE several proposals for consideration at its March meeting. 

Mike Tanner introduced Briana and Whitney from VCBO to provide an overview of the 4 elementary school projects based on the Master Facility Plan.  The presentation provided schematic and concept drawings that provide a visualization of future classroom space as well as external views of the school sites.  

Mike Tanner provided an operational overview:  Snow piles are having to be hauled off in some cases to ensure safe access to school sites. Soil removal from construction at McPolin will take place next week.  The Sustainability Advisory Committee will convene this week, and Shelby Cornett is providing terrific leadership this year.  Special thanks to Shelby for her interest and dedication to education, personal responsibility on energy consumption and for championing such impactful projects across the schools including great composting data from JRES this year.  

Additional recruiting and HR efforts are underway with everything from altruistic appeal to supporting our community’s schools to ensuring collective bargaining sessions have all data and job study information in hand so that our educators and staff are also safe, supported, engaged, challenged and healthy. 

Board member Hill asked about construction contingencies.  Mr. Tanner indicated that delays have cost time to completion, but likely will be able to stay within the allocated budget as that is the community’s expectation for the Bond proceeds.  

Zach, our student member of the BOE, shared that STUCO has planned a March 11 Winter Formal @PCHS and that the last week in March is a Wish Week fundraiser to support the Make A Wish Foundation. 

Dr. Gildea provided her monthly report which included information on future input opportunities including the USBE Climate Survey which measures student safety, school climate and culture, and the program of education.  This survey is conducted every other year.  We recognized our 6 National Board Certified Teachers as well as the BOE Leadership efforts that have been ongoing from December 2022 until today.  We will also seek input from various stakeholders on the Equity Policy Draft.  And, we’ll be formulating and disseminating an InnovateK12 prompt on the Future of TMJH Site this Spring.  

The Board briefly discussed the 23-24 calendar.  The amended calendar was unanimously approved.

The Memorandum of Understanding between PCSD and  the Park City Institute was discussed.  VP Wendy Crossland clarified that the MOU was an exception to the facilities use policy, which has been ongoing since the establishment of the Eccles Center.  PCI is a self supporting non-profit organization and the Eccles is accessed as a shared use facility by our community.  The 5-year MOU was approved 4-1.

Business Administrator Randy Upton discussed the proposed fee schedule for 23/24.  He clarified that Volleyball fees would cover both girls and newly established boys teams.  

Four patrons provided public comment related to PCI and the value of student outreach and spoke in appreciation of the five-year agreement, appreciated the conversation and BOE voice related to the community use facility as well as some of the historical context of the Park City Institute and its relationship with the Eccles Facility as a strength of the community.  Finally, a patron spoke to her children’s positive experiences at the Eccles Center due to the work of the PCI. A parent spoke to the importance of highlighting the opportunity to participate in the SHARP Survey.  The SHARP survey is offered every other year to students in grades 6, 8, 10, 12 with a parental permission opt-in.  The anonymized data is important to support state and area wide grantwriting that supports preventive programming.  Our PCSD team does look at that data set for trends as well as for areas of targeted support from safety & security, risk behaviors, and/or identified cohort strengths.  Thank you to all for attending, sharing your thoughts, and supporting Park City Schools. 

The Board of Education continued its meeting with the posting of 10 Human Resource/Personnel related policy drafts as well as adopted 1 policy. 

The next meeting will be a Closed Session scheduled at 10 AM on March 14, 2023 followed by the Regular Business Meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 4 PM. 



Para obtener información adicional, comuníquese con:  Lorie Pearce, Asistente Ejecutiva de Junta de Educación/Superintendente en 

Acciones y logros de la Junta de Educación – 

por Andrew Caplan, Presidente – Junta de Educación de Park City 

En la reunión mensual regular del 17 de enero de 2023, la Junta de Educación sentó a dos miembros recién elegidos: Nick Hill y Meredith Reed. El equipo de la junta eligió a los funcionarios que liderarán por un período de dos años. Andrew Caplan aceptó la nominación como presidente y Wendy Crossland continuará en el cargo de vicepresidenta. Los puntos adicionales de la agenda incluyeron: Presentación de los arquitectos de MHTN sobre una revisión del Plan Maestro y el progreso de la Construcción hasta la fecha; Progreso de mitad de año hacia las metas; y Políticas en revisión.  

La Junta de Educación desea agradecer a los grupos de empleados ya nuestro miembro estudiantil de la BOE por el tiempo y los aportes ofrecidos durante sus presentaciones mensuales. La Junta agradece escuchar a los grupos y reconoce el espíritu de “todos juntos” demostrado por todos al mover la aguja para los estudiantes, desde su llegada segura a la escuela hasta las comidas, para liderar el camino en la educación temprana y celebrar cada hito en la vida de los estudiantes. vidas, incluida la graduación de la escuela secundaria. Estamos orgullosos de los esfuerzos de 695 miembros del personal que atienden a nuestros 4350 estudiantes de K12 y 140 estudiantes de prekínder.  

Scott Later brindó una descripción general del Plan Maestro revisando los 6 principios clave de aprendizaje determinados por la comunidad en 2017-2019. Los 6 principios: Centrado en el alumno, Ambientes saludables en el salón de clases, Impulsado por las relaciones/colaboración, Aprendizaje en el mundo real, Espacios flexibles y adaptables y Ambientes inclusivos que son energéticamente eficientes son fundamentales para el diseño de los proyectos de renovación/expansión de la Fase I que están en marcha en Escuela Secundaria Park City, Escuela Intermedia Ecker Hill, Escuela Primaria Jeremy Ranch y Escuela Primaria McPolin.

La Dra. Gildea presentó un resumen de mitad de año de las metas/progreso hacia las metas. El Distrito tiene metas en las áreas de Liderazgo, Logro Académico y Excelencia Operacional/Fiscal. Cada escuela proporcionó una actualización en cuanto a sus objetivos, que incluyen el desarrollo académico, profesional del personal y el alcance de los padres y la comunidad. 

La BOE adoptó una actualización de la Política 10015 Colocación de estudiantes que es abordada por la administración escolar y el equipo educativo.  

La BOE publicó la Política 10036 Reemplazo de grado para comentarios.  

Debido al Día de Emergencia, la BOE recomienda que el 17 de marzo de 2023 vuelva a ser un día de aprendizaje en persona. Ajuste su calendario para enviar a los estudiantes a un horario típico de viernes el viernes 17 de marzo de 2023. Las escuelas y el Distrito enviarán recordatorios adicionales en esta actualización del calendario.  

El próximo mes, la Junta de Educación considerará el calendario del año escolar para el 23/24, 24/25 y 25/26 con aportes de grupos de empleados. La próxima reunión regular está programada para el 14 de febrero de 2023 a las 3:00 p. m. en el Distrito Escolar de Park City, 2700 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060.